Our Context

Our Perspective

— Hope Chapel’s Story —

The Church

Hope Chapel Okinawa was founded by its current pastor, John Bacigalupo, in 1989, and is part of a larger and very impressive number of churches spawned by Pastor Ralph Moore who began the first Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach, California, in 1971. Hope Chapel belongs to the Foursquare Gospel denomination.

Hope Chapel Okinawa has and always is seeking a global ministry, whether that be through direct outreach in the form of mission trips, or by sending out others to plant churches and share the gospel wherever the Lord may take them. Hope Chapel Okinawa has planted Hope Chapel Stafford (Virginia, USA) under Pastor Mike Hancock.

Hope Chapel can best be characterized by its intimate fellowship and vibrant praise and worship. In fact, Hope Chapel Okinawa’s praise and worship might well be said to be its very vitality — not surprisingly, since God inhabits the praises of His people.

Under Pastor John-B, “We promise to love you … as is!” has become not just a catch phrase, but a practical reality that Hope’s members have learned to freely receive, and give. The atmosphere is very relaxed and casual, and it would be hard to imagine anyone not feeling immediately welcome.


Hope Chapel exists to win the lost and equip God’s people for works of service through Teaching, Fellowship, Breaking of Bread, Prayer and Praising God. Eph 4:12,13; Acts 2:42,47, 2Thes 1:3-4, 1Tim 1:5.

TTeaching in our large gathering is characterized by God’s Word expressed in clear everyday language. Practical application is stressed in the small home groups we call Mini-Churches. The kids in our Sunday School and Youth Groups are taught in the same way.

FFellowship in the Holy Spirit is a result of people committing themselves to real love, understanding and acceptance of each other. This extends from the mutual support of the other churches in our denomination.

BBreaking of Bread is remembering the Lord’s death and promise as we share communion and eat together in each other’s homes, at love feasts, or even over “cups of coffee” at restaurants.

PPrayer is talking to God and expressing our dependence on Him. We encourage the sick to ask the leaders to pray for them. We teach Christians to pray with each other and consistently spend personal time with God.

PPraising God is attributing worth to the Father for His graciousness to us, to Jesus for His sacrifice for us, and to the Holy Spirit for His work in us. This includes singing, verbal worship, applause, lifting hands, and offering our lives for service.

The Site

HopeChapelOkinawa.com exists to support the main purposes of the church, winning the lost and equipping God’s people. Here you can find audio messages, sermon outlines, information on upcoming events, and about normal service and mini-church meetings and schedules. We are working on adding video sermons to the mix sometime soon as well. Please check in often to see what’s happened, is happening, and what is about to happen.

Of course, you can use the contact form to request any additional information you may need, to include requests for prayer, counseling, directions, or just about anything else you can think of. Hope Chapel Okinawa welcomes you as is not only in person, but on-line as well! Please utilize the site fully.