The Staff


Meet The Staff

These are the ministers serving at Hope Chapel Okinawa.


Pastor John Bacigalupo

Pastor B. is the senior pastor and founder of Hope Chapel Okinawa. He loves a good joke and preaches a very practical sermon that you can apply in your day to day life!



Pastor Shawn Shavers

Pastor Shawn is the assistant pastor who likes hitting the streets with the gospel and developing preaching and teaching series that last longer than Methuselah lived!



Pastor Miyako Shavers

Pastor Miyako, “Miyako-sensei”, is an associate minister who oversees our praise and worship ministry. We all try to help keep Miyako-sensei from boredom since, with only 10 kids on her hands, she tends to have too much free time.



Pastor Cary Oshiro

Pastor Cary is an associate minister and oversees the men’s ministry. He will probably invite you to play golf, so have your excuses ready, if you need one.



Pastor Chisako Oshiro

Pastor Chisako is an associate minister who is in charge of our translators/interpreters. She has some serious connections, so she can probably help you rub elbows with the people you might need to. But, keep on her good side. Like I say, she knows people!